Most traders trade in the comfort zone they are used to from everyday life! What is a comfort zone? It is a routine in which we feel good and any change outside of it makes us uncomfortable. Can a trader be successful if he does not deviate from his comfort zone? Yes, but only at the point when you have expanded your original comfort zone. So what does that mean? For most, the comfort zone is simply getting into the car and driving it to the destination, this way they feel good and are satisfied with the fact that they have everything in their hands. For those who don’t know how to drive, the comfort zone is to get up in the morning for work and stay there until the end of the shift, knowing that if they are not there, something unpleasant can happen. The comfort zone is simply connected to a pleasant routine that is under our control. Most people also do trading with this, i.e. most traders make trading something that they feel good about and have control over right from the start, it sounds quite reasonable and looks like this. I will find at least 5 reasons to go buy from crossing oscillators to someone else going buy, I will open it and watch it unfold until the end, if necessary I will do something about it. In short, I feel good, because my decision had many reasons to be right, and I have control over it, because I watch it for at least 18 hours straight, the unpleasant feelings in cases when it moves in the opposite direction, I just associate with the fact that to succeed I need to leave the comfort zone, so I train and try to keep everything under control and without emotions. However, there are no cars or buses to work in the markets, there are large trains running in the market that most of us cannot drive, let alone control. And so the only thing we can actually do is get on that train and let ourselves be driven somewhere with fear in our eyes, without somehow trying to gain control over the train driver and over the whole train for our better feeling. So what does that mean? A person needs a lot for successful trading, but it is not as much as we might think. First of all, we have to step out of our comfort zone and do 10 things that we don’t want to do and have nothing to do with direct trading on the chart that makes us feel so good, then when we finally get the opportunity to open a trade and feel so good , we have to deny ourselves the opportunity to gain control over the whole team and we have to let it flow freely with the team, that we again spend time doing something we don’t want at all and let ourselves be driven to the final station, which may not be where we are waiting at all . Simply put, if the right opportunity finally comes along that meets the conditions I’ve set because I’m comfortable with it, then it’s all over for me, regardless of how many hours, days, weeks or months the trade will run. In the beginning, you will twist and jerk to look at the mobile at least a few times a day, where is the price, later you will jerk only for important messages and eventually you will stop jerking completely, you will expand your comfort zone to a state that makes sense in the market, you will understand , which means trading without emotions and you will finally enjoy the benefits of trading in its full beauty. Otherwise, you will feel like a boss in front of the chart and it will look good at first glance, but you will almost certainly never be successful.